Every child deserves a well-rounded education, which includes the arts. This list includes national and statewide arts learning based resources, support organizations and professional associations to enhance arts learning programs in and out of the formal classroom.

National and Statewide Resources

National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) supports arts learning, affirms and celebrates America’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and extends work to promote equal access to the arts in every community across America.

Arts Education Partnership

Arts Education Partnership is a national network of organizations dedicated to advancing the arts in education through research, policy and practice. Their vision is that every student in America succeeds in school, work and life as a result of a high quality education in and through the arts.

Iowa Fine Arts Standards

The Iowa Fine Arts Standards were approved and adopted by the Iowa State Board of Education in 2017. Derived from the National Core Arts Standards, they unite the arts disciplines of dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts through a common language and framework. They are a guide for educators to use in providing a unified quality arts education for Pre-K through high school students.

  • Understanding the Iowa Fine Arts Standard: The “ArtUp: Understanding the Iowa Academic Standard for the Fine Arts” webinar provides an overview of the newly adopted Iowa Academic Standards for the Fine Arts. It also includes a discussion of how artists and arts organizations can incorporate the new academic standards into their educational programming.

Iowa Department of Education

The Iowa Department of Education works with the Iowa State Board of Education to provide support, supervision, and oversight for the state education system that includes public elementary and secondary schools, nonpublic schools that receive state accreditation, area education agencies, community colleges and teacher preparation programs.

  • Iowa Every Student Succeeds Act: The Iowa Every Student Succeeds Act maintains a focus on equity for all students, while giving states and local school districts much more ownership over systems of school accountability and support.

Support Organizations

Iowa Alliance for Arts Education

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education increases awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices and partnerships that ensure and advance quality arts education for all Iowans.

Iowa Area Education Agencies

Area Education Agencies work as educational partners with every public and accredited, nonpublic school in Iowa to improve the learning outcomes and well-being of all students.

Iowa State Education Association

Iowa State Education Association offers professional development for educators, legal assistance and representation when needed, and educator support by advocating for student-centered public education policy.

Professional Associations

Art Educators of Iowa

Art Educators of Iowa is a non-profit organization unified with the National Art Education Association and affiliated with the Iowa Alliance for Art Education. Their purpose is to promote excellence in visual arts education in Iowa through the advancement of knowledge and skills, professional development, service and leadership.

Iowa Bandmasters

The Iowa Bandmasters promote excellence in bands through professional development, mentorship, performance and advocacy.

Iowa Choral Directors Association

Iowa Choral Directors Association serves choral musicians in the state of Iowa by providing leadership, guidance and support, continuing education opportunities, promoting excellence in the choral art through high quality offerings and events.

Iowa Communication Association

The Iowa Communication Association is a professional organization whose purpose is to unite those persons with an academic or professional interest in all disciplines of Communication and the Performing Arts at all educational and professional levels in Iowa.

Iowa Council of Teachers of English

The Iowa Council of Teachers of English is the volunteer organization that facilitates deep connections and professional learning face-to-face and online for English/language arts teachers of all stages.

Iowa High School Music Association

The Iowa High School Music Association fosters and perpetuates music as an art form and an essential component of the secondary school curriculum. They organize annual festivals for high school musicians.

Iowa Music Educators Association

Iowa Music Educators Association is a professional association for all Iowa Music Educators and is an affiliate of the National Association for Music Education.

Iowa String Teachers Association

The Iowa String Teachers Association is the state affiliate of the American String Teachers Association. They promote excellence in string and orchestra teaching and playing.

Iowa Thespians

Iowa Thespians’ mission is to honor student achievement in theatre and enrich the educational experience, to support educators by providing professional development, networking opportunities, resources, and recognition, and to influence public opinion and policy-makers that theatre education is essential and builds life skills.

Jazz Educators of Iowa

Jazz Educators of Iowa is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide jazz resources for Iowa's educators. Jazz Educators of Iowa is developing a strong audience with Iowa's music educators, students and fans of this truly original American art form.

Iowa Museum Association

The Iowa Museum Association builds organizational capacity, fosters community and advocates to heighten awareness of art centers and museums, botanical gardens, children's museums, historic sites, historical societies, living history sites, nature centers, natural history museums, planetariums, science and technology centers and zoos.

Iowa Community Theatre Association

The Iowa Community Theatre Association is nationally recognized as the resource to support growth and opportunity for theatre in Iowa. They celebrate theatre in Iowa by promoting collaborative exchange of ideas and resources in order to grow and enhance community theatre experiences.

Iowa Dance Theatre

Iowa Dance Theatre is a nonprofit organization of dancers, teachers, choreographers, and art enthusiasts committed to bringing the talents of dancers in Iowa to the attention of the general public. Their mission is to raise awareness, develop appreciation, increase opportunities and support dance as a performing art within Iowa.